Fall Wellness Tips

Fall Wellness Tips
  1. Change your cleanser. Fragrant soapy scrubs might feel (and smell) wonderful after a day at the beach, but they leave your skin dry. When fall arrives, switch to a soap-free hydrating cleanser. It’s time to put away the gels and bring out the creamy body wash.
  2. Exfoliate with an oil-based scrub. The summer sun and chlorine may have left your skin feeling dry and flaky. Start the new season off with a full-body exfoliation body treatment. Sugar scrubs are wonderful because they exfoliate and hydrate.
  3. Switch from lotion to cream. As the air becomes drier, your skin needs a thicker moisturizer. Creams provide a stronger oily barrier, which means they both reduce water loss from the outer layer of skin and provide hydration to this layer of skin at the same time.
  4. Protect your lips. Start moisturizing now to prevent dry, cracked lips this winter. Use a non-petroleum based lip balm for best results.
  5. Protect your skin. Sunscreen isn’t just for the summer. Slow down the aging process by protecting your skin from UVA rays that causes aging, and prevent burns from UVB rays especially during winter sports.
  6. Invest in hand cream. Hands often become dry and cracked during fall and winter. An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure. Start moisturizing your hands now to ensure soft, supple hands all winter long.
  7. Hydrate from the inside out. Increase your water intake to keep your skin hydrated through the cold winter months.
  8. Eat Fall-Colored Foods. Yet another way to improve your health is to eat more fall-colored foods. Generally speaking, the more color you have on your dinner plate, the better. Foods that are bright orange, red and green are all excellent sources of vitamins and antioxidants. Some ideas include squash, bell peppers, zucchini and broccoli, all of which will help keep you healthy this fall season.
  9. Bump up your immune system. Cold season is coming! Prepare by frequently washing your hands, getting enough sleep, exercising and eating healthy. Stress can make you more susceptible to illness, make time to relax.
  10. Don’t be a stranger to your spa. Call us to book your next appointment…

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