Although men can request any type of specialty treatment, our Manly Facial is equivalent to our European Facial. Men have different texture and conditions compared to women so we make it appoint to address those issues and not simply treat it as another “face”.

Gentleman’s Facial
20 Minutes – $55 no extractions
20 Minutes – $70 no extractions with a Beard Treatment
50 Minutes – $85
50 Minutes – $100 with a Beard Treatment
This 50-minute treatment is designed for the male skin and conditions. Together with the esthetician you can customize your needs to reach your desired results. Mustaches and beards get a thorough cleansing to bring out the hairs natural shine.


  • Eye Treatment – Additional $35
  • Lip Treatment – Additional $30
  • Hand Treatment – Additional $25
  • Foot Treatment – Additional $30
  • Hand & Foot Treatment – Additional $50
  • Décolleté Treatment – Additional $40

*Price and services are subject to change without notice.

Comparison Chart

Facial Treatment Price Service Time Product Equipment
Gentleman On-The-Go Facial $55 – $70 20 minutes does not include extractions Image Skincare Mag Lamp/ Steamer/ Cotton
Gentleman's Facial $85 – $100 50 minutes includes extractions Image Skincare Mag Lamp/ Steamer/ Hot Towels