Fall Facial (Seasonal Facial)
50 Minutes – $95
This 50-minute treatment is high in antioxidants and nutrients. Complete with a specialty pumpkin mask that treats tired skin. This treatment delivers the benefits of pumpkin extract to the skin as green tea extract and collagen soothe the skin. (Available September to December).

Eco-Fin Facial
50 Minutes – $100
This 50-minute facial is great for all skin types and includes armoatherapeutic benefits. Eco-Fin is the latest innovation is a natural, petroleum-free paraffin alternative for facial treatments. It will soften the skin and allow products to penetrate the deep layers of the skin. You have a choice of three aromas: Green Tea & Aloe (Great for: anti-aging, dry skin, sun protection, and healing the skin), Raspberry & Grapefruit (Great to: smooth and calm skin, stimulate collagen skin, and protect from free radicals.), and Peppermint Essence (Great for: smoothing skin and breakouts).

Back Facial
50 Minutes – $80
This 50-minute treatment includes a back deep cleansing, toning, exfoliating, extractions, specialty mask and a organic oil massage finished with a hydrating moisturizer. Excellent for treating the part of the body this is a “hard to reach” area. Also, suggested for various skin conditions such as sun damage and back acne.


  • Eye Treatment – Additional $35
  • Lip Treatment – Additional $30
  • Hand Treatment – Additional $25
  • Foot Treatment – Additional $30
  • Hand & Foot Treatment – Additional $50
  • Décolleté Treatment – Additional $40

*Price and services are subject to change without notice.

Comparison Chart

Specialty Treatment Price Service Time Product Equipment
Fall Facial $95 50 minutes Pumpkin Mask Mag Lamp/ Steamer
Eco-Fin Facial $100 50 minutes Eco-Fin Mag Lamp/ Steamer
Back Facial $80 50 minutes Custom Mask Mag Lamp/ Steamer/ Brush